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The last few years have witnessed rapid innovative strides in the field of embryology the world over. Discoveries, innovations, techniques and gadgets have their never ending list in their march towards obtaining perfection in embryology. There has been a boom in ART laboratories with the sole aim of living upto the challenge posed by infertility. In bringing such plans to fruition there still remains one challenge which is perennially faced by labs in India and abroad – a dearth of embryologists and enhancing quality work! Confronting this titanic challenge, Embryology Academy Of Research and Training (EART) became functionally operational in Mumbai – India since 2003. Ever since then till date it had lived upto its expectations of having trained more than 450 numerous doctors, science graduates and budding embryologists alike, taking into consideration manifold allied fields like clinical, procedures, instrumental, laboratory, application support etc. The aim is to help achieve a better understanding of the field per se and to strive even harder to achieve further enhanced success rates in the field of infertility

EART offers maximum opportunity to learn.

  • One-on-one training
  • Limited candidates in a batch
  • Interactive sessions
  • State of ART brand new equipments
  • Multimedia education
  • Internationally experienced faculty

EART has a team of highly qualified and efficient IVF specialists and embryologists to guide the participants. The main focus at EART is education, training and research in the field of ART.

We also assist in developing ART centre through Design Modular lab and set-up for clinical and laboratory facilities tailored to comply with accreditation requirements. The solution oriented approach also includes recommendations and supervision of upgrades for existing laboratories.


At EART, we believe that to be a successful leader involves understanding and tailoring the courses to the needs of participants, constantly upgrading one's resources and capabilities, staying focused and striving to make every participant an expert in ART.

The guiding principle at EART is to ensure that we provide the participants an enriching experience in a relaxed ambience. To this end we have selected a highly experienced team of trainers who are specialized in the most up to date technologies in the field of ART and created facilities for adequate interpersonal interaction and intellectual stimulation. The principles can be summed up as:

Results matter – To ensure that our delegates achieve the desired result. We do not settle for small improvement. Programs are tailormade to provide significant returns on our participant's investment.

Effective course content – To blend the insight and experience of our experts into solutions that enhance the participants potential and help in achieving improved success rates.

Long term relationships - To keep in regular contact with the participants to aid successful implementation of the techniques learnt at EART. The emphasis is on total quality management not only at the technical level but also at the interpersonal level.


The faculty are selected from the best national and international institutes. They are chosen for their expertise in the particular course being designed. The faculty are encouraged to provide technical troubleshooting to the participants even after completion of the course. Our staff are highly experienced and capable of responding quickly and professionally to your queries while providing the best possible advise when required.


EART has a well-established state of the art laboratory equipped with all necessary equipments and accessories. The lab is designed as per CGMP Standard to maintain aseptic conditions. The lab facilities are integrated with an air-conditioned conference room, Library with Multi Media Education and LCD projection arrangement along with Internet connectivity.

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